Avoiding Common Errors In Your Dissertation Literature Review

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Avoiding Common Errors In Your Dissertation Literature Review

A dissertation can be on be one of the hardest tasks to complete. With all writing and editing, you are bound to make some mistakes. This is why taking Dissertation Writing Service UK can be beneficial. To help you write your dissertation and avoid common errors in your dissertation literature review read the description below.

Writing & Stylistic Issues

Using emotional phrases Issues

Dodge using emotive phrases in your literature review piece. Recall, you are writing a literature review for the drive of giving the existing flows of thought on your research subject. This signifies you are only transmitting what already occurs in the research world of your subject. Therefore, there should be no prejudice and, henceforth, no words of emotion.

Giving personal views in a literature review issue

Even though this issue should not be a matter, we see it all too frequently. Again, for the identical reasons you do not use touching phrases in a literature review, you also don’t supplement your individual opinions. The literature review is thought to be an impartial display of already-existing supposed and research nearby your topic. It is thought to be objective, certainly not subjective.

Unwittingly plagiarizing

We will not focus on all the characteristics of plagiarism that occur in a dissertation or thesis but, for literature reviews in overall, there are scarce issues you should take significant note of:

  • Unfounded claims
  • No referenced page numbers for straight quotations

Using an author’s first and last name in the next issue.

When discussing authors and/or researchers in your study, do not use the primary and last name (whether in or out parentheses). Use the last name simply, trailed by the year of the study’s publication is you are obligatory to use APA style.

Introducing long URLs in the body of a study issue.

Every so oftentimes, doctoral students implant long URLs to deliver links to stated research studies or articles inside their document. Do not do this. As a substitute, cite the basis with the last name(s) of the author(s) trailed by the year of the work. Then, in the citations section of your paper, below the specific reference to that citation, you would inject the URL.

Issues with Literature Review Structure

Giving no background/definition section Issues

This is an all-too-often incidence and, regrettably, many students overlook to insert a pre-literature review section that provides relevant background info and key meaning of terms. If you don’t define key concepts and existing the essential background info about your topic, you will estrange vast possible viewers to your work, particularly if your goal to publish your dissertation in the upcoming.

When important certain ideas, do not provide too many descriptions lest you complicate your audience. Keep it meek and cite only the most usual explanations for any related terms and ideas.

Bad organization and structure Issues

This is possibly the most common error ever since badly forming a literature review necessitates doctoral students to rewrite and rearrange many sections. To stop a bad structure from powerful your literature review, use sub-headings, and then establish your literature reviews below each of these sub-headings. Doing this will aid you to uphold focus on the details whereas keeping the emphasis on the big picture and the general chain of logic intrinsic in your review. This will aid you to avoid irrational structure and bad organization.

Irrelevant content Issues

Commonly, doctoral students get fixed up in the particulars of their literature review particularly while reading other lessons. As an outcome, many students incline to reference studies or points that are distinct to the topic and the research question(s) at hand. Consequently, make certain your literature review mentions studies completely pertinent and, at a similar time, make definite that the relevant points you state about a study are also pertinent to your sub-headings and research questions. Just for the reason that a study is vital to your topic does not indicate that all the particulars within it are appropriate to your task.

Not going over the methodology section of a reviewed article Issues

Frequently, doctoral students working on their dissertations enjoy emphasis only on specific parts of articles they review such as the abstract, results, and discussion segments. Nevertheless, these students flop to understand that reading through the practice section of any studied articles, even a cursory reading, delivers hugely appreciated information to benefit them produce a top-notch dissertation. Do not misplace the occasion to gain appreciated understanding into improving your research study by learning from the procedure of others. Recall, the research methodology, the means you conduct your research, is maybe the hardest aspect of any Ph.D. dissertation. Pick up from others. If you overlook this guidance you will waste time as you will confidently want to add these particulars well along (after your chair or mentor says you it is mandatory.

Credibility/Validity Issues

Writing a narrowly-focused literature review Issues

Too numerous doctoral students write their literature reviews in words of general categories as a substitute for writing on attentive topics (and subtopics) satisfactorily tapering down. These outcomes in a literature review that is too over-all and not straight linked to their research questions. Therefore, you should evade topics or categories that would necessitate a whole book to adequately cover. Besides, as formerly discussed, you must make certain that the studies you comprise in your review are enclosed in terms of their relation to your research problems. Lastly, make proper use of subheadings in your literature review and make certain these subheadings and their particular content are linked to your research questions as well.

Relying on direct quotations Issues

One more bad habit usually seen in doctoral students working on their dissertations includes the inset of too numerous direct quotations. Although it is ok to insert direct citations in your study, you should not depend on them too ample. Doing so will stop you from using your critical thinking skills and applying them to suitably analyze, create, and assess the studies you comprise.

Using non-scholarly sources Issues

Something we see too regularly is doctoral students depend on too abundant on professional opinion articles instead of searching for more commanding or scholarly sources. They incline to avoid commanding sources as these sources are frequently the most difficult to read. Do not take shortcuts (or what appears like shortcuts). Spend worth time reading commanding sources, no material how much work this necessitates. Doing so will make your literature review shine and convincing to read. It will also give you tremendously valuable vision into suitably leading the rest of your study, creating the long road onward so much simpler.

These are common errors in your dissertation literature review. Remember it dissertation writing a time taking and energy-requiring task. It is much better if you take Dissertation Writing Services UK based. With professional help, you will get the dissertation you desire with minimum effort. Lastly, take care of yourself and good luck with your dissertation.

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