You dream of studying in master’s, or PhD level was saved and rescued up till a point of writing a dissertation. But eventually, it crushed a bit when you are burdened with extra responsibilities of formatting and presenting your dissertation with utmost perfection. Your supervisors want your publication with utter excellence and of the highest quality. This can only be accomplished when you can completely claim your dissertation at own to be only your with correct formatting and citation.

What is a Citation?

Citation is the most crucial factor in claiming your work. Fulfilling the academic and institutional requirements is necessary. Citation means to offer the due credits to the researcher who has helped you in the investigation. Citation means to reference or quote any statement or information that is acquired from other’s research work to support or back up your claim and arguments. Every institute instructs its citation style either be it MLA, Chicago and APA.

What is APA Citation?

APA citation is the editorial style which establishes and distinguishes the requirements of the citation style. The term abbreviated from the American Psychological Association and the citation style likewise the other formatting styles keeps changing. The current APA style in use is derived from the latest 6th edition manual. The APA formatting style is often used for the researches conducted in the field of social sciences.

Components of APA Formatting Citation:

Citation increases the credibility and reliability of the research. The APA formatting style deals with the components for the dissertation.

  • Page layout
  • In-text citation
  • Listing references/Bibliography


How to Cite APA Style:

As for now, that citation is the biggest concern of the students, we present the proper guidelines for citing the context of the dissertation.

IN-Text Citation: To quote or paraphrase any context from various researches into your dissertation and to cite it properly is known as an in-text citation. It is offered in the body of your dissertation. The in-text citation provides stability and support to your arguments in the dissertation. The in-text citation standard format includes:

(Format: Writer’s Name – Publishing year – Page number.)

  1. The writer’s name comes as the first fraction
  2. The year of publishing the research articles, book, magazine or any other print or website material
  3. The page number of the research material form the content has been extracted.

The important points that need to keep in focus include;

  • The last name of the author comes first followed by the first name.
  • A single page number is represented by (P) whereas double page number in the sequence is represented by (Pp).
  • If there are two authors, then the names of both authors would be a representation. In the case of more than six authors, you have to mention only the first name.

Reference Citation: Reference citation list includes all the links and sources from which the data have been extracted and added in the dissertation. The data extracted from sources like magazines, books, research articles, interviews, articles and websites. It is the summary of all the in-text citation and references from where the data have been extracted to add up in the dissertation.

 (Format: Writer’s Name – Publishing year – Editor name- Dissertation title-Page number.)

The dissertation that requires to be created with utter perfection, the dissertation which should not include any minor or significant mistakes in citation includes law dissertations. Law dissertation requires loads of references for law, constitutions, legislation, cases, trials and examples to be cited in the dissertation. Hence law students should look for dissertation help online which leads to resolve all the dissertation related problem in a matter of time.

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