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Dissertation Topics in Nursing

If you’re a student enrolled in a nursing course, you might be required to write a dissertation as part of your degree. These dissertations serve as an in-depth discussion on topics you have researched on during your academic qualifications. Dissertations are quite unlike other writing tasks because they offer detailed and accurate information about a particular subject or topic. They are an essential part of your grades, and that’s why the topic you choose for your dissertations needs to be carefully selected.  If you’re having difficulty choosing a theme or are looking for some inspiration, you can scroll down below to find the topics that are sure to blow the minds of your readers and professors.

Before choosing your dissertation topic, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. When selecting a topic to write on, you want to make sure that the topic is up to standards for both your professors and yourself. This means that you should choose a topic which will be endorsed by your professors, while also being doable for you. You also have to consider the complexity of the topic you choose. A broad topic would be easy to write on, but such topics tend to be selected by a large number of students. Selecting a narrow topic would be the ideal choice here, but can be difficult to write on. It is completely your choice to find the balance and come up with a topic that pleases you and your readers. You can also get UK dissertation help from professionals to choose the best topic for your dissertation.

Nonetheless, the nursing dissertation topics are listed below so you can either choose these topics as is or take inspiration from them and come up with your own.

Public Health Topics

Public health is the study of improving and protecting the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole. This field involves looking at the bigger picture and solving issues faced by the greater population.

  • How the contamination and pollution of drinking water sources impact public health in developing countries.
  • The impact and aftereffects of natural disasters on public health.
  • Societal effect and implication of AIDS in respect to public health.
  • Relationship of exercise with cardiovascular risks in terms of patterns and similarities.
  • The role of poverty on child health and diseases as a public health issue.
  • Public health responses and approaches for the prevention of cancer.
  • Medical interventions for diabetes as a threat to public health.

Psychological Health Topics

One of the most important parts of any population is their mental and psychological state. Any mental health issue present in young, middle-aged or old people needs to be addressed promptly. Maintaining the happiness and health of a population from mental illnesses is a vital task.

  • The correlation between suicide rates and mental issues in the case of youth.
  • Mental illnesses brought on by social stress on lesbians, bisexuals and gays.
  • Rise in mental illnesses due to unemployment and associated stress.
  • A contrast between mental health problems in rural and city settlements.
  • The procedures and protocols needed for mental healthcare of elderly patients.

Environmental Healthcare Topics 

One of the most important health issues, the result that the environment has is nothing less than major. The awareness of environmental effects such as pollution, waste disposal, hazards and others is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Study on the complications and risks of nuclear and radioactive waste disposal.
  • The role of sanitation in maintaining environmental health in urban environments.
  • The exposure to second-hand smoking and its effects on the cardiovascular system.
  • Impact of improper chemical waste disposal on sexual function and reproductive health in humans.
  • Contamination of food and food sources leading to poisoning and ailments.

Other Topics

  • Caring and comforting individuals with terminal illnesses.
  • Managing stress and pressure in a professional nursing environment.
  • Developing personalized therapies for eating disorder patients.
  • The management of safety and health of pharma workers and staff.
  • Use of healthcare practices for motivating employees.
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