How to use a theory to frame your research study or dissertation?

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How to use a theory to frame your research study or dissertation?

While writing a dissertation a researcher needs to support conceptual and theoretical support to the research problem. Theories help to support the topic with the historical and logical point of view. Providing theoretical relevance is the most crucial step in the nursing dissertation. As in nursing dissertation students have to prove any health condition issue, and the outcomes may vary from considering the genetic difference of different people. Therefore theories work great to support the cases.


However, using theories to make a proper theoretical framework is a challenging task for students.  Differentiating a theory from the methodology and taking it in use for work is the primary concern of the students. Therefore nursing students may take nursing dissertation writing services which tends to assist them in every difficulty regarding the dissertation. On the contrary here are these steps that will guide the students to tackle their problem of adequately using the theory to frame the dissertation.


The theoretical framework starts with explaining the core concepts of the theory. It also states the models that have been used or formed during this theory. In this part, a researcher also has to define who formed this theory and when. A researcher has to determine why the theory has been approached to solve the specific problem. Its historical and logical background should be added as well. This parts itself is an explanation of the introduction and formation of a theory. Also, it explains the relevance and application of theory to the problem.


At the second step, you need to highlight and explain several points and outcomes of the theory. A researcher has to explain the concepts, models, working and points in detailed. Also, a researcher has to make valid viewpoints of how this theory may provide a framework according to which the researcher may understand a problem adequately. A researcher has to justify at this stage the accuracy of the usage of the theory.


Following this major step, research tends to make his theoretical assumptions as clear and straightforward as he can. He needs to process all the theories along with the research problem and come up with definite and solid theoretical outcomes. His outcomes should be adequate to connect with research methodology and get the investigation continued instantly.


Theories are presumed to provide support to analyse and evaluate the problem. They should be analysed concerning the issue. The theories tend to be tested, and the outcome may vary from situation to situation. Theories should never be represented the same way as it is instead they should be written in the form to show relevance and support to the topic. Also, a researcher should include the limitation of the theory to give chances for a reader to comprehend the point till where this theory is applicable.


The mistake that most of the students make is the usage of grammar. Research should understand this properly that the historical background of the theory, the contribution of the theorist and the formation of the theory may be presented in the past tense. However, it is important to use present tense while you are framing your research problem in relevance to the working framework now.

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