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How to write a literature review like a pro?

You realise the importance of a dissertation when it becomes the reason for the accomplishment of your academic degree. A dissertation is a never-ending journey of time consumption, struggle and efforts. Above all of this, an award-winning dissertation often gets supported by the literature that’s incorporated in the dissertation. Therefore it is essential to learn what does a literature review is!

LITERATURE REVIEW: Literature review deals with the summarising, reviewing and explanation of previous researches. Literature review deals with critically analysing the previous investigations to acquire the background information about the topic to infuse in the current research study. The literature review may be obtained from various sources like books, research articles, research journals, thesis and dissertation.

Literature review plays the most significant role to investigate a topic related to nursing. The nursing dissertation requires a lot of research conducted previously to acquire knowledge about the health condition with their historical backgrounds. A nursing student may take nursing dissertation help which will guide them from data collection, writing, planning and concluding phase of the dissertation. But even if you are still wondering the correct procedure to write a dissertation literature review, here are some pro tips;


Introduction: Introduction of a literature review provides an insight into the topic in depth. It determines the focus of the aspects of the problem and the importance of the argument supporting it with previous literature. It may also include the details about the work that has completed on the current research topic and the controversies related to it. An introduction may also include most of the literature about a specific subject including the recent researches in the field and assumptions that have been up to this point. The topic background and historical overview have also delivered in this part. An introduction may also include the purpose and thesis statement of the dissertation.

Body: The body of the literature review deals with the heading and subheading of the previous literature. The collection of the literature review includes the latest investigation of several types of research conducted up to this point. The body deals explicitly with the themes of the topic, the most crucial aspect and perspectives of the problem. Explaining the findings of previous researches of the current issue. Also, state the arguments related to the topic and approaches used in the earlier studies related to the subject. The last part of the body may refer it to the leads of your question.       

Concluding Review: The literature review as explained as the summary of the previous literature, the literature review is completed by summarising the evidence of prior researches. It also deals with highlighting the significance of the studies conducted on the topic. In review conclusion, an author highlights the gaps and practical application of the content. Also, the implications and possibilities of the researches on a current topic discussed for future studies.


Certain elements need to add up in the dissertation literature review;

Theoretical Framework: The literature review must contain the theories that support and proves the topic of the dissertation. They should explain the focus of the problem and the direction of the progress of the problem.

Evidence: Evidence should are a must to include in the literature review. That can either be any statement, interviews, survey result that is supposed to add up in the literature review as evidence to support the topic.

Methodological Approaches: It is necessary to mention methodologies through which the researches have conducted earlier. They include quantitative, qualitative and mix methods through which the previous studies have carried out. The literature review should also include the methodological approaches through which the dissertation have been carried out.

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