PhD is assumed to be the toughest yet the highest rank of honour among rest of the academic degrees. A PhD is a comprehensive educational program of hard work in which all the hassles and tassels are worth it in the end. Students bring upfront with plenty of challenges and difficulties throughout their doctoral program to face.

Ever talk to PhD alumni about his experience of the academic journey, and he will tell you precisely that all the years of his degree were merely consumed for himself as for most of his time was reserved in completing his PhD dissertation. The worth of dissertations at doctoral level cannot be measured as it works like a bounty for the professional career and academic life of a student.

Though writing a dissertation is a gruelling task from the very beginning till the end and it becomes more challenging when you might get a strict supervisor or a demanding dissertation supervisory committee. Therefore, a student should be ready to combat with any challenge that may stop their way to execute a dissertation from any stage, i.e. proposal to a conclusion. To fight with this challenge a student must be prepared from the very first stage which includes a dissertation proposal. The students may also look for PhD dissertation help services which will assist them in providing relevant literature, suggesting an appropriate methodology and writing strategies of the dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal: Dissertation proposal is a statement to show the research interest of the students. A dissertation proposal is considered as the written manifesto submitted to the supervisors or dissertation committee. It is sent before the actual dissertation research work starts to persuade the committee. It entails the details about the dissertation topic also the problem statement. Furthermore, it provides an outline for committee members to develop an idea about the strategies and significance of the dissertation.

Steps to Write a PhD Dissertation Proposal:

Supervisors consider the dissertation as an artefact. It helps them to critically analyse the strategies, ideas, subject and research approaches proposed to be used in the dissertation. A proposal is a miniature of actual research work to present the amount of exploration and investigation would require. Here are some of the essential chapters that a proposal must include to give in front of the supervisors.

  1. Abstract: Abstract serves as the incentive for a reader to either continue reading the dissertation or leave it. It covers the topic’s significance and objectives to guide the reader about his interest. An abstract is the summary of the complete dissertation including the methodologies, approaches, conclusion and even hardships. It is the first section to highlight your topic, make sure it is about only a paragraph in length that should instantly grab your supervisor’s attention.
  2. Introduction: Introduction includes an overview of the topic. It helps to look at all the strengths and weakness of your topic. An introduction consists of the objective of the research. The significance of the research and the contribution it will make in the field. An introduction also bound the research stating its limitation. It serves as the fundamental of the research about how it will work. An introduction should be 10% of the total word count of your dissertation proposal.
  3. Previous Literature Research: This leaves a great impression on the supervisors at first sight. If the topic is supported by previous research and there are theories to support or confirm it. The topic can be covered with several aspects, and these factor work to attract the supervisors more. The literature review can be attained through books, journals, thesis and research articles etc. This should be the second lengthiest part of your proposal of about 30% of the total word count.
  4. Thesis Statement: Thesis statement should be of a few lines. It should include the hypothesis or problem statement. It should also include the research objectives of the problem to broaden its aspects.
  5. Approach: A researcher should have clarity of thoughts and understand which path would bring the best outcomes of his research. He should state either he will opt for qualitative, quantitative and mix methods that deliver the maximum and accurate investigation. This part should be the lengthiest regarding explaining which approach serves as the best hence it should be 40% of the total word count.
  6. Potential Results: A researcher should have a brief survey prior to actually dissertation to make sure of the possible outcomes of his dissertation to persuade his supervisor that what contribution this dissertation will bring to the society. The supervisor might pay a considerable amount of attention on this part hence it should be 10% of your proposal.
  7. Time Frame: The dissertation time frame should be mentioned to let the supervisor estimate the time invested in the dissertation will be worth it or not.
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