Dissertations are considered as one of a most important source of comprehensive knowledge on any specific subject matter with a detailed summary. To take out the information and relevant data about the topic that is required to be collected at a large scale. The problem statement of the dissertation emphasises on research aim and objective that is expected to be conducted and it needs to be supported by the help of previously available data or researches. Data that is available on the internet in the form of books, publications, journals, articles, reviews etc. are the primary source for literature review section; literature review is considered as the primary source of supporting material from authentic sources and scholars on the topic of study.

Every subject is different from other; in the same way structure of literature review caries from subject to subject like in nursing critical literature review helps in supporting and critiquing in the subject matter. However, in a law dissertation, the structure of literature review is entirely different from any other subject area, and only an expert writer can judge it. A literature review of PhD degree is way different from the one that is written for Masters or graduate level and to find out the difference there are PhD dissertation help UK services available that are ready to assist you in a better way.

Law is a subject area in which we are required to relate each and everything not only with previously available information but support is required to be provided by laws, policies, legislation and case laws.  The main structure of a perfect piece of literature review for law and legal studies must be based on following heads:

Overview of the Topic:

Under the sub-head of overview, a detailed summary about the topic concerning applicable laws and legislation is required to be provided most attractively, so that it can grasp the attention of the reader and let the reader flow in the provided information on the dedicated topic.

Historical Background:

As the heading says all, under this subhead, it is necessary for the writer to cover the detailed historical background of the topic along with the history of law or legislation. How this law was formed and why only this law applies to this topic.

Applicable Rule of Law:

Under this section, the applicable law is required to be described the highlighted issue. For example, the topic of the dissertation is “a legal perspective of gender diversity in the workplace in the UK”. At this section, the Equal Treatment Directive 76/207 of European Court of Justice (ECJ) is required to be explained in detail along with the case laws.

Evaluation & Critique:

Evaluation of different scholars and sources under specific law is required to be examined in this part. Not every source is as authentic as it scholars cite. Hence it is mandatory to check all the references to incorporate into the literature review. Legal diaries, legal paper, laws and legislation, online court papers and judges opinions are considered as the most authentic literature for critique.

Concluding Remarks:

Based on the decisions and verdict of previously available case laws, the study is required to be concluded. Linking the literature with available authentic case laws is mandatory so that facts can be examined while linking with any particular issue.

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