To Write Your Dissertation Or Not During The Holidays?

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To Write Your Dissertation Or Not During The Holidays?

Ever since your childhood, the only things that keep you thrilled and relaxed were holidays after exams. Guess, the season of the year is coming back, but the situation is pretty much diverse this year. You are not in college anymore; instead, you are soon to be a PhD graduate. You must be well aware of the dissertation that you have to create soon. So these holidays must be troublesome for you.

Thinking of the holidays and the dissertation ahead, you surely know what more important for you. There is nothing strange in sacrificing this year’s holidays on dissertation rather than utilising other activities or chilling at the beach. The dissertation is a daunting task that would drain all your creative juices and energies out while you will be studying simultaneously with other courses after holidays. So that makes it a better choice to start working on your dissertation a little before the semester starts.


Keeps You Ahead Of Time: While you are due with your holidays knowing soon, your university will start again testing your patience level. Preparing for your dissertation in the holiday period will allow you to research your topic in-depth. It will also keep you ahead of many students that would still end up writing their proposal and topic selection at the end time. Preferably you would be more prepared to present your topic or proposal to your supervisor gaining extra attention.

Disburden Workload: While you have already carried research on a subject or a topic during your holidays. It saves your time from being crazy over petty issues like data collection, topic selection, proposal creating etc. You would have already done this all in holidays which will make you able to start working on step two that is an actual dissertation. It will de-burden your workload and prepare you mentally for any uncertain mishap.

Save Yourself From Supervisor Wrath: Getting an appointment for assistance in the dissertation is the toughest thing to do. Getting appointments back and forth is tougher; hence if you have prepared your dissertation topic, proposal, and outline prior your dissertation supervisor would give you extra attention. It will also save you from his wrath and enable you to get in his good books.

Helps To Understand The Topic Properly: Researching, studying and investigating about a certain topic during holidays would leave room for you to go through the topic too much extent. IT will enable you to develop a pro0per understanding of the topic. Study its various aspects and perspectives as well.

Organizing your work: Organizing your dissertation is the most hectic job of all time. From researching to data collection and executing to revising. It is challenging to complete all this at the same time especially in the end. Hence preparing for your dissertation chapter wise from a long time enables you to organise your work with ease.

Precautionary Planning: In case if you propose a topic which fails to attract the supervisor. You surely may go for plan B which will save your time from being wasted. You must have done better researching and analysing on plan B.

Brings You In The Limelight: While everybody is puzzled and going crazy over the dissertation fuzz. You will be relaxing and working a step or two ahead of them. This will bring you mental peace and put you in the good books of your lecturer. Also, it might happen that completing your dissertation before the deadline you will end up getting extra points.

Though it is not impossible to write a dissertation on your own but essentially writing a dissertation is not a piece of cupcake. You would require someone’s help to assist you throughout the process. Therefore you may take dissertation help during your holidays, they will assist you to step by step for your dissertation writing steps.

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