Four Ways To Improve Your Reading And Writing Skills At The Same Time

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Four Ways To Improve Your Reading And Writing Skills At The Same Time

From the beginning of your academic career to the point of finishing it, the only thing that keeps you flying higher is your communication skills. Reading and writing, the two most focused skillset throughout your academia gives you chances to score improving grades and grab some learning opportunities. It cannot be denied that both of these skills are imperative for your education career and it is impossible to succeed in your life without them. But as per the old saying, not everyone is capable of doing it everything at once. Likewise reading and writing skills may also develop and improved over time with dedication, regular practice and passion for learning.


Here are these four ways that will help students to improve their reading and writing habit at the same time.

Read According To Your Interest:

Let’s say it all starts with your interest. Imagine, you are burdened with the massive piles and list of books relating to your academic, you would end up frustrated with reading these books leaving not a single ounce of interest of book reading in you. Reading is an activity that amuses your mind and relaxes your soul. Therefore, it is important first to analyze your genre or interest. Then select articles, journals, books, and a novel of your interest which will automatically make reading an enjoyable process for you. Reading according to your interest stimulate your mind develops an understanding of the subject and improves your reading skills at the same time.

Skimming and Scanning:

Skimming and scanning are both reading strategies which means to go through the context of material from the deep and superficial basis. Developing skimming and scanning is undoubtedly a useful habit for getting through the academic career. Scanning helps to read the context on to much deeper level extracting helpful information out of context, it also helps to highlight the information that helps to sharpen the student memory and makes it able to use it in his paperwork. Skimming helps the students to read on the superficial base of the context. It helps to leave the irrelevant information and jump up to the useful information via comprehending the complete context of the passages. Skimming and scanning habits allow students to identify important details about their subject making it useful for them to incorporate the context in their literature intensively.

Annotate In Your Journal:

Reading extensively makes you able to form your own opinion. Yes, that’s right after reading you should keep a journal with you. You should start annotating the context that you feels relevant and usable for your literature. This habit will increase your writing skills and critical analysing skills. Annotating also enables you to evaluate the text you are reading. Also, it helps you to remember the important information about your subject.

Use Platforms to Write:

So if you have developed the habits of reading and annotating, now is the time to share your writing from your journals to public platforms. Online platforms like blogs, articles, and websites allow you to write your valuable opinion on the public front. This opens an excellent opportunity for you to interact with the public on a more massive scale and to get your work reviewed by comments through many people. Instead of being demotivated you should be more focused on learning from your mistakes, this habit will increase your reading and writing habit at the same time to another level.

Polishing the reading and writing skills is the essential agenda for the law graduates. Without these skills, they are unable to comprehend the tough laws and legislature and unable to understand them in their own words for research work. Hence if they face any such difficulty, they may take dissertation writing help in their dissertation which will help them to execute their dissertation proficient and without any errors.

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