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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The time of the New Year is a very special time for many people around the world. It marks the end of the past year and welcomes the new one with open arms. Around the world people celebrate the New Year with all their might. Many people have different cultural and traditional aspects attached to it while some celebrate it the way most of the world does. Fireworks and fancy lights are a lovely attraction of New Year’s Eve. Many people spend it in the arms of their beloved while others gather around a table with their families and cherish another passed year with them. Let’s take a closer look at how New Year is celebrated around the globe:

  1. In England it is believed that the first guest who enters your house on New Year’s should be a handsome man with dark skin. The man is said to bring different gifts such as salt and cement that will bring prosperity to the household.
  2. Oshoghatsu is the occasion of New Year called in japan. On this occasion families get together and together cleans the house and decorate it with different natural things such as pine cones, plum blossoms and bamboo. This tradition has been an ancient one and practiced by Japanese of all times
  3.  Denmark has a peculiar way of celebrating the New Year. All year round people of Denmark gather their used and old dishes only to throw and break on the doorstep of their friends and family. It’s believed that the house with most broken dishes on its doorstep is considered to have the most friends. They do not pick up all the shards and let it be there with great pride.
  4. China literally paints the town red on New Year’s Eve. According to Chinese people, the red color brings them prosperity, happiness and success. Thus, to celebrate the New Year, the Chinese people paint the doors of their houses, red. They prepare red packets for the children and put up red lanterns around.
  5. Puerto Rico much like the Japanese take active part on the cleaning of their house. However, they go one step ahead and clean not just their homes but everything. They clean out the porch, garden and the streets around. Puerto Rican’s believe that the cleaning of their spaces will get rid of the bad juju of last year so that it does not repeat the coming year. To do this, they take buckets full of water and let it flow in the streets to rinse the community.
  6. The South African people are a strange lot. They celebrate the New Year in the same way that the Japanese and Puerto Rican but they go to great lengths to clean their house. They take up old furniture or electronic appliances and take them to high rise buildings only to push them out a window to shatter on the ground. New Year’s is a dangerous time for many people there, we can also record all the hazards that happen around this time due to this tradition.
  7. The Philippines on New Year’s Eve celebrate the world round. They carry around things that are round in shape. Moreover they even wear clothes with round patterns on them. According to the Philippines, doing this will bring them surplus amounts of money in the coming year. The logic behind the circle craze is that it resembles the shape of money.
  8. Vietnamese people wake the spirit of New Year’s by getting dressed in their traditional clothing called the Ao dai. It is a long garment that is worn paired with trousers. This is the time when they let go of western clothing and appreciate the beauty of their own culture.
  9. Passionate Italian people take the New Year very seriously. They dress up in new and festive clothes. Next they exchange gifts that are based on the person receiving them. The gifts are a big deal and requires a lot of thinking. The gifts do not have to be very expensive but they must be highly personal.
  10. China paints the town red while the Turks are happy wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve. According to tradition this act is hoped to bring a lot of happiness in the life of the wearer. At this time of the year, Turkey falls short on red underwear.
  11. Following closely to the Turks, Brazil and other countries also hold great importance of the color of underpants you wear on New Year’s Eve. According to them, different colors are linked to different types of successes. For instance, if you wear yellow underwear you will get lots of money in the coming year, or if you wear green you will have a great and lucky year. Moreover, Brazil has another tradition that the people of Brazil follow: the tradition asks them to rush to the beach and cross seven waves in order to get great luck for the next year. Brazilians enjoy the mid-winter water and have a party by the sea shore.
  12. The Netherlands celebrate the coming New Year by taking part in different festivals. They host parties out on the street and anyone who passes is welcome to join. Next they also have a tradition of eating deep fried dough balls. This tradition believes that if you eat them you will not be bothered by any evil spirits throughout the year. 
  13. The celebrations in the United States are very popular. At first they used to celebrate it with fireworks but fireworks are banned in New York so the people of New York celebrate the New Year by gathering in the Times Square and watch the big ball fall at midnight. In other places of the United States you can see different things dropped to make the New Year celebration.
  14. Estonia celebrates the New Year by eating a lucky number of meals. The people gather around and have stall of food so that people can have as much as they want. The Estonian’s take the saying the more the merrier as seriously as they can. The person who eats the most number of meals in considered the best and has the best luck in the upcoming year.
  15. Scotland has a fun tradition too that is a part of their celebration for New Year, They call it first footing. The Scottish make sure that they are the first one to enter the house of their friends on the New Year. This is a playful tradition as most people are asleep on the midnight and the fun loving Scottish lads try to surprise their friends and disrupt their sleep.

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