Now that your supervisor has showered you with the responsibility of the dissertation which has become a trouble for you. You might start to think that what do you do? How do you start writing? What procedure to follow? How to continue further? How to catch up with others? Most of all you thought that you would write a thousand words on the topic that interested you, but now it seems vague. You are more puzzled now and don’t know how to reduce this panic.

Well, stop with the worrying. Every PhD student goes through this phase once or should I honestly say several times. Well, that’s because they do not understand where to start first. The fails to recognize the basic step before original research work that is the dissertation proposal. There are various writing services which can help students to execute a proposal to dissertation for them. The best option for PhD Graduates is to opt for the best dissertation writing service that will write all the chapters, proposal, and data collection for them.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL: A dissertation proposal is a brief statement of the dissertation you want to pursue a specific topic. It serves as a guideline for yourself which should be of approx. 3000 words. It is a concise summary of your argument to represent in front of your supervisor or dissertation committee allowing them to have a detailed inspection of your case and its worth. The proposal contains all the significant and minute details of your dissertation making it easy for supervisors to allow you either work on this project or move on to another.


Students at the PhD program are engaged in several activities at once and often attempts lacking in writing an excellent dissertation proposal. A dissertation proposal is an asset to set the first impression on your supervisor hence needs to be executed beautifully. Here are some of the structural writing guidelines which will help students to learn this mantra of dissertation proposal writing;

Title of The Dissertation Proposal: Title of the dissertation proposal is the central aspect of persuading your committee member. The title should be precise and attractive to catch the supervisor’s attention instantly. Also, it should contain keywords that make the research useful for several readers. A topic itself should be so in-depth that briefly describes and justify the study.

Overview of the Dissertation: A dissertation proposal should include all the relevant literature related to the topic. It should consist of all the in and out of the research problem — the purpose of studying the current research topic and all of its perspective. IT should also determine the aspects of the research problems in depth.

The Significance Of The Dissertation: What attracts supervisors the most are the outcomes of the research. The research should not go in vain hence a topic should be interesting enough that it has significance in a future application. A dissertation proposal should contain a section which entails the importance of the dissertation for society and the particular field.

Research Approach: A dissertation proposal should include the proper research methodology that you will use for carrying out the research. It helps the supervisors assume that you are well aware of the most appropriate methods either be it quantitative, qualitative or mix method research for your dissertation.

References: References in the dissertation proposal are more important in the proposal than in the actual dissertation. It impresses the committee members that previous documents already support the topic. Hence references are a must to include in the dissertation proposal.

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