A dissertation is a difficult process, and it consumes a lot of time to complete because of the content, data, and information we need to collect and put it into. A dissertation is a process of self-learning and independent study about a certain topic. It takes an author’s critical and analytic skills to execute one dissertation. A student has to go through many phases and difficulties during the completion of a dissertation. When the dissertation is towards finalisation, copy editing and proofreading are the last two stages left to be performed. After both of these stages, the dissertation is ready to be submitted.

Copy editing and proofreading might seem the same process to people. But they are relatively same and bear an exceptional line difference between them. To bring utter perfection to the dissertation, it is necessary for an author to understand the basic difference between both.

Copy Editing: Copy editing is the process that is performed after the completion of each chapter or segment of the dissertation. Copy editing involves the process of evaluating the content and editing it based on the factors like the repetition of content, Inconsistencies, Checking mistakes, grammatical error, sentence formation, punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, words jargon, sentence structure, and formatting style.

Proof Reading: Proof Reading is the phenomenon which is not different from the editing process, but it is also the final stage of the editing process. It is the final stage to evaluate your dissertation inspecting every aspect of it. Proofreading includes superficial cross-checking of the written work. It highlights the basic grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and punctuation mistakes in the dissertation to keep the reading flow continued.


The differences between copy editing and proofreading are very basic but make a measurable difference to a dissertation.

Copy editing deals with:

  • Copy editing can be done on MS word
  • It is done to check the continuity and correctness of the paragraphs
  • Measure the standard of English
  • To review the copyright and fair use of data
  • Are the citation, table of contents and references whether done accurately or not
  • Grammar usage and sentence formation should be double checked.

Whereas Proofreading deals with the following factors:

  • Proofreading is performed on PDF, Epub or mob file.
  • Re-read the dissertation and take out all the spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes
  • Checking the running heads
  • Checking the paragraph flow
  • Checking the line breaks
  • Highlighting the unnecessary line mistakes, gaps between lines and words.


Why Take Law Dissertation Help?

Creating a dissertation is relatively harder than writing other academic essays. A dissertation includes several chapters having data collected from a questionnaire, interviews, experimentation, and researching. The data collection may vary from types of dissertation related to their specific fields like engineering, law or medicine.

The toughest one among most of the fields is the law dissertation. Law dissertations include research as well as data regarding the law, constitution, authentic examples, etc. The data collection for law dissertation leaves the law student puzzled as it is not easy to acquire. Since the technology is progressing student can take law dissertation help online from law dissertation which thoroughly guides students for the best dissertation.

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